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Company profile – A professional supplier of plastic daily necessities
Huangyan Gongjie Plastic Co., LTD is located in the Huangyan District, Zhejiang Province, which is known as the hometown of mold and the kingdom of plastic. We have the experience in manufacturing In-Mold-Labeling items for more than 20 years.

Company is specialized in producing In-Mold-Labeling product,such as food containers, drink cups, plastic trays, popcorn buckets etc. In mold label including 3D lenticular, glossy, matt, orange peel, aluminum foil, transparent, and many other special effect. We also can provide heat transfer printing and silk printing.

We own 20 sets standard injection machines, the mold force is from 100T to 430T. Besides, we have 3 sets fully automatic In-Mold-Labeling system which combined with high speed injection machine.

We possess a professional mold design team. We can help to design and develop new food packaging container for customer.

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Cultural ideas – Respect Cohesion Innovation Professional Sincerely Dependence

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence.- Michael Jordan

We believe strongly in a positive company culture. For almost 20 years, we have been seeking to improve our company culture by creating programs that could bring out the best staff performance.

We recruit those who share a common belief about work ethic. Those who are passionate and committed toward making a difference in the customer’s mind are highly sought after and prized over the mediocre.

We train our employees to work in well-constructed team environment where each individual takes full responsibility for the team’s action. We encourage proactivity. We want team leaders who will step up to bat and make the team shine.
In order to foster a team culture where leaders are brave enough to try new things, we balance reward with ideal performance. People need to have more than just financial rewards to do well – they need encouragement and support.

Our culture embraces openness. We want people to communicate; we want departments to share ideas. To do this, we strive for cross-pollination of ideas. We hold daily meetings that provide a positive atmosphere to share information.

Although we aim at developing a high performance culture, we are at the same time, a family-oriented culture. Without the family bonding among colleagues, work becomes just work – bland of the enthusiasm and liveliness of home life. Our slogan is happy work, health life!
Enterprise Value
Customer Focused
We step up to the plate and make ourselves known in front of our customers. We don’t wait to be led to dance, we take the first step. It’s by thinking about what our customers need before they need it – this represents our motto and work ethic. We endeavor to march to their drum by aligning ourselves with their goals and wishes.

Quality Control
Quality is an utmost priority: not just for our customer but also for our long-term profitability. We endeavor for consistency of results. Our products are streamlined and processed in a systematic manner in order to ensure 100% product perfection.

We thrive on winning just as Olympic athletes thrive on taking home the gold. In order to achieve this, we work hard behind closed doors to improve our systems and procedures, and align our policies and programs with supporting statements that will together carry us closer toward our goal.
To innovate means to accept change. We accept change with open arms and welcome it like a new breath of fresh air. We make it a policy to hire young bright minds and experienced professionals to offer a mixture of fresh insight into the cosmetic packaging industry. This ways we not only stay fresh, but also seasoned.

Environment & Sustainability
In order to be a sustainable company, we are conscientious of the environment. We follow ISO policies to the tee, and abide by all local laws to ensure the environment is kept safe and clean from hazardous waste.

Team Performance
Successful companies no longer are a result of just 1 person, but rather a mix of highly passionate and committed individuals who are working toward a common goal. Our hiring motto is to bring those on-board who will help strengthen and motivate our people. With a strong team, we will have improved products; with improved products, we will have more satisfied customers.
Company Vision
Create real and lasting value for customers, creating opportunities for staff development, and strive to become the customer in the eyes of N0.1.
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