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Ten hidden worries that food packaging should pay attention to

01 01,1970 / company news / 作者: admin

On January 28, the International Food Packaging Association released "Top Ten Worry Products in the Packaging Industry in 2010". Food vacuum packaging machine disposable plastic tableware, food plastic bags, trays, food packaging materials and additives, paper cups, space cups and baby bottles, pvc cling film, pvc heat shrinkable film, dairy product packaging bags and excessive outer packaging of goods "I'm on the list."
Dong Jinshi, vice president of the International Food Packaging Association, said that with the introduction of a series of new regulations and new standards, the quality of food packaging products such as plastic bags, cling film, melamine tableware, fast food boxes, paper cups, etc. has improved significantly, but inferior lunch boxes , Poisonous imitation porcelain tableware is still "wildfire burns endlessly, spring breeze blows and regenerates", still need to be vigilant.
The issue of space cups and baby bottles has not attracted attention
According to the survey, the space cup and baby bottle among the top ten "hidden worry products" have not attracted enough attention. Many parents said that they do not know what dangers may be in baby bottles.
In this regard, Dong Jinshi said that space cups and baby bottles are used to add bisphenol a during production, and long-term use of food packaging containing bisphenol a by the human body may lead to prostate cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, and heart, liver and other organs. . The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on July 30, 2009 stipulates that if the FDA cannot provide definitive evidence before December 31, 2009 that the BPA in food and beverage packaging will not cause harm to human health, The United States will ban the use of bisphenol a on food packaging and containers. Therefore, parents should try their best to choose big brand products when buying baby bottles.
The implementation of the new standard of PVC cling film is postponed, consumers still need to pay attention
In addition, there are pvc plastic wrap. The new standard of cling film "self-adhesive cling film for food" (gb 10457-2009) was originally decided to be formally implemented on December 1, 2009. However, on November 27, 2009, the National Standardization Administration website issued an announcement that the standard will be postponed to September 1, 2010.
In this regard, Dong Jinshi said that due to the failure to implement the new standard, PVC cling film manufacturers are still implementing their own corporate standards. The new standard stipulates that pvc cling film must be marked with warning words such as "no contact with oily food", "no microwave heating", "no high temperature use", but most pvc cling film manufacturers have not done so. Because PVC cling film contains more plasticizers, using it to package meat, cooked food, oily food or heating with microwaves may cause the plasticizer and vinyl chloride monomer to penetrate into the food. Some girls use pvc plastic wrap to wrap their body to lose weight, which may also harm their health. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to correct use.