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In-membrane paste

01 01,1970 / Industry News / 作者: admin

In-film labeling is a new label packaging form that is different from the traditional direct screen printing, heat shrinkable labels, and self-adhesive labels. It has been popular in Europe and the United States for many years. After two or three years of wait and see in China, it has finally begun to expand. Scale application. In-mold stickers are mainly used for blow molding and injection molding products of pp, pe, pet and other materials. That is, put the printed in-mold label into the blowing and injection molding cavity before blow molding and injection molding. When the mold is closed for blowing and injection, the high temperature and high pressure in the mold make the in-mold label special The viscose is melted and melted into the surface of the bottle body or injection molded part. When the mold is opened, a beautifully printed bottle body or injection part is completed at one time. One or two years before and after 05, the mainland of China used the in-film labeling as an anti-counterfeiting function. At that time, the printing technology was difficult to meet the standard of in-film labeling, and special machine injection processing was required. In 2009, most EU members banned the use of melamine tableware. Imports have led to the rapid development of PP-material in-membrane crafting tableware. Only in-membrane products are truly integrated into people's lives.