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Advantages of in-film labeling

01 01,1970 / Industry News / 作者: admin

Make injection molding machines, molds, automation (manipulators) and label suppliers spare no effort to research and develop them, and continuously improve them. At present, the in-mold labeling technology has developed quite mature. At least 85%-95% of food packaging uses in-mold labeling products, but in China, it is still in the initial stage of response. To be sure, as people's quality of life continues to improve, in-mold labeling technology will be widely used. The in-mold label is a label used when the label is integrated with the bottle body under the action of the mold during the molding process of the plastic bottle body.
The use of in-mold labels has the following five major advantages: (1) The label materials are mostly film materials, which are waterproof and moisture-proof, and there will be no blistering, wrinkling, or peeling of ordinary labels. At the same time, the film material does not absorb ink, the graphics and text are bright, and the visual effect is good. (2) In the manufacturing process of the bottle body, the in-mold label is integrated with the surface of the bottle body, and the entire bottle body has a beautiful appearance without a label feeling, which cannot be compared with ordinary labels. (3) Since the combination process of the in-mold label and the bottle body is completed at one time with the bottle body forming, no separate labeling process is required, so the cost and energy consumption are reduced. (4) The in-mold label material is the same as or close to the bottle body material. The label and the bottle body can be melted and recycled at the same time and used twice, so the in-mold label reduces environmental pollution and meets the requirements of green printing. (5) Enhance the anti-counterfeiting function of the product, the form is novel and beautiful, it is not easy to fall off and damage, it is waterproof, oil-proof and mildew-proof.